Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Day at the Park

We spent the day doing some shopping for basics, cups, paper towels, soap, wash cloth, soccer ball. Afterwards we went to the park which was really what we all needed, fresh air and lots of walking. The place was really nice, we went on a train ride which took us around the park. The boys went on a mini Ferris wheel and crawled around in a ball pit for awhile. As I was getting on Daniels’ shoes a very well dressed elderly man took James' hand and started talking very quickly and loudly to him and James wasn’t frightened but very fixated and engaged in this conversation which seemed to go on for awhile. Bauzhon started laughing and said the man was telling James to grow up quickly, get a good job and always buy your father “New” clothes.

Daniel and James are really handling this trip much better than I anticipated (so far). They are acting out a little more but have been very curious about the process of events and interested in what comes next. Real troopers !!

After the park we had our first meal out. We ate at a placed called “The red tent” that’s what Bauzhon called it. We sat outside under these red tents where they cooked Shish-Cabob over an open flame and rice in huge vats. All of us enjoyed it, we will definitely be going back there. We then headed home and played ball out back where there is a little play area with swings and monkey bars. It is still light outside and it is 10:00 pm, time for bed.
Tomorrow we have our first official visit with Rebecca and its funny, I never would have guessed that the excitement and anticipation the second time is not diminished by our previous adoption experience, but actually seems to be enhanced. We probably will not sleep long….. we will try to post more pictures soon.
Thanks everyone for your comments, prayers and encouragement.


nancy said...

Hi Guys...We are in the process of adopting from Kaz as well. Thank you for sharing your journey with us!!! Can't wait to see your first official visit!!!
Take care!!!

Nancy haines

The 5 McGills said...


Sounds like your trip is going well! Glad to hear that the boys are enjoying themselves. Are the "red tents" the ones outside the Astana Market? The Plov always looked and smelled so good there, but we never stopped for any. Is your apartment closer to Astana Market or the Ramstore?


Anjanette said...

When we were in Kaz, Kazakh people came up to talked to Reagan all the time. It cracked us up. She just listened. Glad things are going well. I love following your journey.

The Pippitts said...

Yes, The "Red Tents" are the ones outside the Market place. We will probably go again today. Our apartment is right across the bridge from the Ram Store. Daniel and James seem to be getting lots of attention here.