Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Court Date!!

Our Court Date is Monday August 28th!!

Well we got in a little early this morning and Rebecca was on the potty so I said hello and then a guy walked in with an accordion and placed a stool in the middle of the room and started to play this beautiful song. He started singing and then the caretakers all started singing. It was one of the most amazing things to see, all the children that could crawl all made their way over to his side of the large cribs and they all had big smiles on their faces. They loved the music. I tried out the video function on the new camera and it came out a little dark but the audio was very clear. He then played “The chicken song” I think it is called at home. They call it the “Duck song” here. After music Rebecca was brought in for feeding and I asked if I could feed her and they said okay. So I hopped in the seat and started feeding Rebecca. She laughed and cooed but she didn’t swallow anything !! The caretakers said she needed to finish the whole bowl.

I watched them feeding the kids next to me and they were just shoveling the food in like clock work and they never spilled a drop. I couldn’t get Rebecca to eat much at all, she just laughed at me and spit it all out every time I put some in her mouth. The caretakers said that Rebecca has been spoiled since she started seeing us and laughed. I think they had a few laughs at my expense to see us both covered in food. Finally they came over and took the bowl away and I gave her a little juice, which she drank. We gave her a bath afterwards, which was difficult trying to wash her while dangling her over this sink. We dried her off and then she was seen by the doctor. The doctor rejected her and said she was not clean, so the caretakers took her back and cleaned her up correctly.

The weather was great and we spent most of the visit outside.
We did the boys favorite and headed over to “Umbrella park” in the afternoon and walked for about 3 hours, came home and did baths. At one point I was looking out the window (we are on the fourth floor) and I could hear the wind kicking up and it turned into this huge sand storm. All the buildings from about two blocks away and on I could not see. The entire downtown “New City” was an entire brown blur. I had never seen anything like it but apparently it happens all the time. I guess that is why they are always washing everything down here.
>Cute picture of Daniel and James at the park having some juice.

I met Bouzhons mother today (very,very nice woman). I see where Bouzhon gets his calmness and manners from. We spoke for a little bit and then the conversation turned to weddings when I congratulated her on her sons ( Bouzhons brother) impending wedding this weekend. She has three sons and I said “1 down 2 to go” and she said responded by saying the weddings need to be spaced out by about a year because it is customary for the bride and groom to move into the grooms parents (family) house for a year so the new bride can bond with her new family. So Bouzhon has to wait till next year. It was also interesting to learn that the financial burden for the entire wedding is placed on the grooms’ family. The brides family only needs to buy a dress and provide the bride with transportation to the wedding location.


The 5 McGills said...

Congratulations on getting your court date!

I love the pictures of Rebecca's feeding time. I got the same treatment from Matt a couple of times. Isn't it amazing the way they bathe the kids? I never could have held on to a wet, squirmy baby the way the do and managed to clean anything!

Sounds like you've been having good weather. Aren't the sand storms amazing? We got caught in one while out for our daily walk.
Take care of yourselves.


Dawn and Joe De Lorenzo said...

That is great practice - haha. Well, at least you both had fun! Congrats on getting your court date and best of luck!

Carolyn & Igor said...

Hi Dan & Jeanine -

Court on Monday - that's really great news! And it looks like Rebecca's already finding ways to tease her papa. There is a twinkle in her eye in these pictures that you can't miss. And her smile is just beautiful, even when partly hidden by her meal...

We hope you're all doing well and we're really looking forward to having you back here on this side of the world for a while.

Justin says hi to the boys!


Anonymous said...

The feeding pictures are great! I can't believe the doctor rejected your cleaning. They sound a bit dramatic over there.
Hooray for the court date.