Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Belly Laugh

Monday was a great visit. Rebecca was so happy to see us. Jeanine changed her and brought her out to the play area where Daniel immediately started to supply her with every toy in the room. We were able to get Rebecca to laugh out loud today; she has a great belly laugh. After about and hour we went outside with our friends Tim, Susan and their little one Luke. Luke and Rebecca were born only a few weeks apart. Rebecca loved the fresh air and all the kids running around. We really haven’t interacted with anyone else from the orphanage during our visits that much and I wondered if they were checking up on us or not. Well, we sat down on a blanket outside with Rebecca and before Rebecca hit the blanket one of the caretakers came running out gesturing to pick Rebecca up, so I guess that answers the question of whether or not we are being monitored.

After our visit we headed over to a really nice Restaurant with Tim, Susan, Ainura (Tim and Susan’s Translator) and Dinah (our Coordinator). We had a very nice lunch, it was nice getting to know everyone a little better. Tim and I had a chance to talk about sports and various topics back home, which is always nice when one is far away. Dinah told us some funny stories about her travels to the U.S. Jeanine told the story of how our good friends Carolyn and Igor met in Russia (Carolyn, Jeanine loves to tell the story and thinks it would make a good movie) and Daniel and James did well, they ate a little and sat while all of us adults talked. They both had ice cream for dessert, James, as we know, gets very serious when the ice cream is on the table.

After lunch we parted ways with everyone and headed to the park to walk off lunch. Bauzhon joined us for the walk. He talked a little about his family growing up and how he would like to have children of his own in the near future, I told him a little about my family when I was young and things we use to do.
Daniel and James spotted these blue blow-up airplanes hanging from one of the vendors’ umbrella and we got them each one. Of course there were only 3 available and each was a different size, James’ was a little bigger than Daniels and this didn’t sit too well with him and he wanted to swap. Well after an hour of “on and off” negotiating, plea bargaining and crying we headed back to the car and then back to the apartment for the day.
I took the boys out back to play, before going to bed, with the airplanes and they shared with the other children very well. James tripped at one point and slammed his head on the ground. It didn’t break the skin but we sat for awhile until the pain subsided. So he has a huge goose egg on his forehead.
One of the funniest things to watch is when they meet other kids and they walk up to each other, one says something in Kazakh the other in English, then there is a long pause, they look around and then go off and play with each other, like “hey we don’t need words to communicate”.

Pictures Today:
Rebecca and Mom
Entrance to Rebecca's House


Carolyn & Igor said...

What a great trip you're having! (I wish we could be there with you all...). I think your comment about the kids only pausing after discovering they speak different languages, before just jumping into play (universal communicator??) captures something central to childhood. (I think it also means they'll be good travelers when they grow up, too!)

Stay well!


The 5 McGills said...

Love that picture of Rebecca - what a great smile! Say hi to Susan and Tim.