Sunday, August 06, 2006

3 Teeth !!

(Cute picture of Daniel and James taking their shoes off and waiting to enter the Baby home)

Saturday was a calm day. We visited Rebecca and noticed she has a third tooth coming in. She is such a happy baby, never complains. It was too cold to go outside so we stayed in and played with Luke, Susan and Tim.
It was suggested that we start bringing clothes in for Rebecca to wear. She has a Cubby and Drawer which is her own, so we can fill it with the things we bring for her.

She doesn’t like to be on her stomach at all, it is about the only time she cries. We think it is because they feed her just before we arrive and she has a full stomach. I took James for a walk around “Rebecca’s’ House” (is what the boys call it) and took some pictures and then Jeanine and I switched off and I spent some one on one time with Rebecca.

After the visit we went to a nice Russian Restaurant (I should try to remember the names of them), it has a stuffed bear as you walk in. We all had this Sausage and egg with mustard type of omelet thing that was really good. Then “Tea” Pancakes with jam. The pancakes were really thin and I was struggling to cut them because they would just shred apart. It wasn’t until later that as I watched someone else eat them that I learned I was supposed to roll them up and eat them by hand. Daniel and James both fell asleep at the table so we decided to just head home. The rest of the evening was spent quietly.


The 5 McGills said...

I LOVE all the pictures. Keep posting! The ones of the Baby House - make a bit nostalgic for our visiting time. Can't wait to come back. The Russian restaurant is called Samovar. Another good meal there is the chicken and cheese pancakes. Yummy! Rebecca has 3 teeth already - WOW! Looking forward to your next post.

The Pippitts said...

Thanks Debbie, We will try that the next time we go.