Wednesday, August 02, 2006

1st Official Day

We all feel a little more rested today, except, Jeanine. Daniel and James slept for 12 hours (4pm to 4 am). I got 7 and Jeanine 4. Bauzhon our driver was on time and we headed over to the Baby home, with Dinah, for 10:00am visit. It was very quiet there and we were taken up to the play area where they would bring Rebecca to us. The room she is in is called “The Baby Room”. We met a nice couple from Kentucky who were having their first official day also and were adopting a little boy named Luke. When they brought Rebecca in Jeanine ran over to see her and there were lots of smiles. Daniel and James were great and kept bringing toys over for her to play with. Rebecca seems very strong, can reach and grab for things in her vicinity, sits a little on her own and can support her own weight standing. We were able to get her laugh a few times. Luke and Rebecca are both 7 months, Luke is a cute little guy and crawling too! I took James outside, after about an hour, to play in the playground and then expected to return in 20 minutes but the caregivers came in and said it was time for her massage and took her back in 15 minutes early. It’s a really nice place but I didn’t think they gave massages there. Rebecca will have to take a step down in lifestyle when she joins our family! Everyone had hamburger and fries for lunch (I passed today) and then home for a nap. Daniel and James really wanted to go back to the park so we headed over about 5:00pm and spent a couple of hours walking around.
We were told that Elana, our translator from when we adopted Daniel and James was come up from Karaganda tomorrow to visit us for a few days. It will be really nice to see her as we have been keeping in touch these past 3 years, but have a lot to catch up on. We have plenty of pictures but it seems I need to reformat them to be able to upload them, it may be the “Dial-up” connection. As soon as I get that done I will be able to post more.


The 5 McGills said...

What a cute picture! And hey, I remember those balls - they show up in LOTS of our pictures. Say hi to Susan and Tim from us. We have been wondering how they were doing.

Debbie, Mike & Tim

Carolyn & Igor said...

She is just beautiful!