Monday, July 31, 2006

What a wonderful Day !

As predicted we slept for about 3 hours and were awake around 4 am. We spent the time organizing our stuff and talking about meeting our new little one until it was time to go. We were picked up at 10:00 and went to the MOE (Ministry of Education) We spent 2 hours waiting for a person to get out of a meeting so we could sign some papers, it was very difficult on the boys because they were tired and couldn’t sit still, we then proceeded to the Baby house. Asemgul (Rebecca) was sleeping but after about 45 minutes they realized Daniel and James couldn’t hold out any longer and decided to wake her. She was absolutely beautiful and sleepy eyed when they brought her into the room. She had a big smile when they handed her over to Jeanine; it is obvious that she has been very well fed. We brought Daniel and James over and they said “hello” and then proceeded to run around which startled her a little and she began to cry. We spent a total of 20 minutes before they took her away again to sleep. We will not see her tomorrow but will start our bonding period on Wednesday. The blog isn’t accepting any of my photos, not sure why, so that is why the last few entries didn’t have any, but I am working on it.


The 5 McGills said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Glad to hear that you got to see Rebecca today. We're looking forward to seeing pictures. Which room is she in?

If you see Matt (Beybut) in your travels around the Baby House tell him we'll be back soon and his big brother can't wait to meet him.

Debbie, Mike & Tim

Doug & Pam McCabe said...

Hey Guys!! Glad to hear that you made it and that you finally met your little girl. Reading your blog reminds us when we went to Kaz to get Jake, especially the 24+ hr trip back!! Hopefully you can post pictures soon. Enjoy your stay.

Schlafers said...

Congratulations. We met Bauzhon and Dinah when we were in Astana this Spring. You are in good hands.

If we can help you at all, let us know.

jason and michelle

Thad & Ann said...

Hi, I'm looking forward to following your journey, we were in Astana 2 yrs sgo for our son. Can't wait to see pic's!

Carolyn & Igor said...

Hi Dan & Jeanine -

How wonderful that you have finally met and held Rebecca! (And that you all have arrived safely in Astana!) We can't wait to hear more about her and the rest of your journey, and how the boys react to being back in Kazakhstan. Stay well!!

Caroly, Igor & Justin

Dawn and Joe De Lorenzo said...

Congratulations on meeting your beautiful daughter! You must be on cloud 9! I am looking forward to seeing more pictures...we wish you a smooth journey!

The 5 McGills said...

She's beautiful! How old is she? I'm certain we saw her being walked around the grounds and swinging with one of the caretakers while we were visiting.

Looking forward to more pictures! Hope you're all well. Where are you staying? How you ventured out to eat yet?