Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Starting to focus

Tick….Tick….Tick….Well we leave in 17 days and we finally started to get things organized a little. I have been a little worried because we have not received our passports back from the Kazakhstan Embassy yet (its been 11 days) so I decided to call this morning and was told our Visas were not issued because they have not received our “Letter of invitation” yet…arg !!! So we will be chasing that down this week. We have not received a scheduled time from the INS to have ourselves fingerprinted yet and I am getting worried. I called our agency and they said they would check into it and handle the scheduling for us.
I went to Home Depot and picked up 25 feet of screen and some Duct tape for our trip, the weather in August can get above 100 F and there are no screens on the windows in the apartment where we are staying and the bugs/ mosquitoes are bad there. I also picked up a couple of gifts for our lawyer and the Judge at Brookstones, so we are starting to get things crossed off the list (the problem is I think we are adding more to the list then we are crossing off).
I was picking up the boys from their summer camp program this afternoon and met a woman who’s son is in the same program as Daniel and James and she mentioned she just returned from Russia (I think the town was Omsk) in April with her little girl, she adopted, who is half Kazakh / half Russian, what a little cutie !! We didn’t talk long because we both had to get going, but I introduced the boys.
So we are in full travel mode, because that is all Jeanine and I talk about now…reality is starting to set in.

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The 5 McGills said...

Hi Pippets! Dan, like the blog. Don't remember seeing this template when we set up ours.

All is going well here and the temps are still in the 70's at most. Walked along the river today after dinner and another rainy morning - a few bugs, but not too bad. Hopefully you won't need the screen, but it's always good to be prepared. Put the duct tape in your carry on for luggage repairs enroute if necessary.

Maybe we'll see you here! Debbie