Thursday, July 27, 2006

Fed-ex Came Today

James was covered with Hives this morning (head to toe). Called the doctors and they indicated that it probably wasn’t due to the Hep A shots. Personally I think it was the shot because nothing else has changed, diet, detergent etc. Other than the marks James was fine, so I gave him some Benadryl and we were off to “Summer Camp”. The Fed-ex lady came today and dropped off our Dossier, Court Documents and Documents to be delivered to the US embassy in Almaty, Yeah !!. The Dossier alone is 248 pages !! (and then there is a copy which has been translated into Kazakh). As I flipped thru it I found it is amazing how much information is in there, (all the paperwork we did over the past 18 months) Autobiography of each of us, Homestudy by DSS, what Highschool/College we attended, tax forms for the past several years, pictures of our house, Bedroom where our new little one will sleep. A personal account and explanation of why I was pulled over for speeding in March of 2003, which one of many background checks uncovered. I believe it was because I was late and trying to get to Boston to get fingerprinted so they could do a background check for our first adoption!! Our motivations to adopt and medical backgrounds, Religious backgrounds for each family member and what religion(s) our newly adopted child will be exposed to. While reading through the documents some of it was very interesting to reread, while other information seemed very intrusive to me now that it is set in print, stamped, signed, verified and being shipped around the world for others to read.

Now that I have had time to really look at our itinerary I am beginning to worry a little about how the boys (and Jeanine and I) will do on this long trip. We leave the house at 2:00 PM on Friday and we will not see a bed until late Sunday afternoon. We have packed a variety of “new” things they have never seen before to help us pass the time, hope this works.

Depart: Boston Logan International, July 28 6:00 PM EDT
Arrive: Detroit Wayne County Metropolitan Airport, July 28 8:14 PM EDT
Depart: Detroit Wayne County Metropolitan Airport, July 28 9:20 PM EDT
Arrive: Amsterdam-Schiphol, July 29 11:10 AM CEST
Depart: Amsterdam-Schiphol, July 29 6:30 PM CEST
Arrive: Almaty, July 30 5:15 AM ALMST

Check into the Hotel so we can hopefully shower and change.
Depart: Almaty, July 30 11:15 AM ALMST
Arrive: Astana, July 30 2:30 PM ASTST

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Carolyn & Igor said...

Hi Dan & Jeanine!
Good luck as you start the journey (again!) - we'll be thinking of you and very much looking forward to following along via your blog. I just opened the email you sent today with the link and caught up on your entries (great job - I especially the pic of the rabbit!) Stay well and have lots of fun!