Monday, July 24, 2006

Baby Beluga

Between all of us being sick the last couple of days and Jeanine being gone since Wednesday I am beginning to lose ground. Some of the big open items are getting our Hep A & B shots (not even scheduled yet). We need to pick up 2 courses of Antibiotics, Antiviral and scabies medication from the pediatrician. Personally we like to avoid antibiotics as much as possible but we are taking some along just in case. From the looks of the pile of stuff we have ready to pack I think we will have to borrow or buy another suitcase or two.
This weeks’ summer camp theme is “under the sea” so they are painting shells and building little Treasure chests to put stuff in. My assignment is to teach them the words to “Baby Beluga” so they can sing it as a group on Thursday. So we are singing it in the car, bath tub, before bed. It has become my official packing song, not by choice; I just can’t seem to get the tune out of my head!

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The Fluckigers said...

Your Blog is terrific ... we are enjoying reading about your journey. Such a terrific adventure!!! Hugs and Kisses to all of you ...