Saturday, July 29, 2006


We made it to Amsterdam. We managed to get a direct flight from Boston and found a place to take a nap. The boys didnt sleep on the plane but they did really well, we watched a little of "The Shaggy Dog", made shapes from playdough and managed to allow the people around us to sleep. We were able to find a nice play area (at the airport) and Daniel found a friend "Emily" and didnt want to leave, so that was tough. James' hives continue, the benadryl suppresses them for awhile, but the cause continues to be unknown. We are leaving for ALmaty in a couple of hours and we are wide awake and Daniel and James have sugar in their system so it might be interesting to say the least. I will try to update in Almaty......


Chris & Michelle Sapp said...

Congratulations! We adopted from Kazakhstan in December, and our two children are doing wonderfully!

The Sapps

The 5 McGills said...

Hi! I imagine by now you've gone to the Baby House already today. Hope all has gone as you expected!
The McGills